2018 Year-End Blast Sale

The SJCAM Year-End Blast Sale is here!

It’s that time of year for celebrations, presents, and gift-giving. So we’ve dropped the price down on 5 of the best SJCAM action cameras bundled with the newest, most awesome budget-stabilizer, the SJ Gimbal 2.

Get these celebratory bundles for 20-25% less, at a very limited time. These are perfect gift ideas for your significant other, your dear friend, your dad, or even as a gift for yourself because you know you deserve it.

STEP 1: Choose from any of the bundles below (scroll down to see all choices)
STEP 2: Click the image of your bundle choice to go straight to its product page
STEP 3: Click the Add to Basket button at the bottom of that page.

You’ll have to hurry though, as the sale ends quickly. Go!

SJ8 PRO + Gimbal2 = Only $311 (Originally $389, now less 20%!)
”Year End Sale SJ8 Pro and SJGimbal2

SJ8 Plus + Gimbal2 = Only $239 (Originally $299, now less 20%!)
”Year End Sale SJ8 Plus and SJGimbal2

SJ8 Air + Gimbal2 = Only $167  (Originally $209, now less 20%!)
”Year End Sale SJ8 Air and SJGimbal2

SJ7 STAR + Gimbal2 = Only $224 (Originally $299, now less 25%!)
”Year End Sale SJ7 Star and SJGimbal2

SJ6 Legend + Gimbal2 = Only $207  (Originally $259, now less 20%!)
Year-End Blast

*All prices are in US Dollars