9-10 Updated SJCAM Firmware & Changelog: SJ5000+ Plus, SJ5000 WiFi, SJ5000

    8-18 SJCAM Official Firmware Updates:   Below we have listed the latest download links for the SJCAM SJ5000 series action cameras:   1)  SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus Firmware download link(s) 2) SJCAM SJ5000 WiFi Firmware download link  and Change Log (9/15) 3) SJCAM SJ5000 (basic) Firmware download link (9/15) _________________________________________________     1) SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus:   a) SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus v3.2: SJCAM-SJ5000+_HD74_V3.2_20150909_SJCAM (Version 3.2)

IMPORTANT:  If your camera firmware original version is before V2.6, you can’t update the camera to the latest firmware
b) SJCAM SJ5000+ Version 2.7 (1.54″ LCD):  SJCAM SJ5000 Plus v2.7 for 1.54″ LCD Screen    ( for  v2.4 v2.5 v2.6 earlier SJ5000+ models (1.54″ LCD)
c)  SJCAM SJ5000+ Version 2.7 (1.50″ LCD):   SJCAM_SJ5000plus v2.7 firmware for 1.5″ LCD Screen

9-10 Change log: Resolves the LCD resolution error message when NTSC /  Pal is selected in the menu; Upgraded 2.7 version   ______________________________   2) SJCAM SJ5000 WiFi: SJCAM SJ5000 Wifi 8-28 Firmware Download  SJ5000+  Plus Firmware Change log: SJ5000WIFI SJCAM FW Modify History ——————————————————————————— G20150827V01: Delete the function of burst shot, as there didn’t have enough BUF, or the camera will be in crash. ——————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————— G20150812V01: 1,Change the logo SJCAM into red and white color (Previous color is black and white) 2,Revise the EXIF information of pictures 3,The file wil be locked. If you press the bottom of power shortly when taking vedio.Even loop recording, the file will be not deleted. 4,Modify the menu of multi language Support following language 1,English 2,Dutch 3,French 4,German 5, Spanish 6,Italian 7,Portuguese 8,Simplied Chinese 9,Japanese 10,Traditional Chinese 11,Russian 12,Korean 13,Romanian 14,Polish 15,Czech 16,Slovak 17,Hungarian 18,Denmark 19,Hebrew 20,Vietnamese 21,Turkish   5, Modify the setting menu, as some operation without keypad tone 6,Add the function of continous shot 7,Change frequency of light source to 50HZ 8,Solve the problem of black screen when connecting with wifi and taking vedio via APP (without SD card) 3) SJCAM SJ5000: SJCAM SJ5000 8-28 Firmware Download