Best SJCAM Cameras for Travel

Best SJCAM Cameras for Travel

SJCAM cameras are everywhere. Long gone are the days when action cameras are just for sports activities. You’ll find people using them in the city, in the beaches, parks, even in the office, with people doing different kinds of stuff.

The most popular SJCAM of all time is the SJ4000. But since then there have been plenty of other models available for anyone and for any budget. So what should be your criteria when choosing one?

When traveling, what you want is a camera that is versatile enough that you can do almost anything with it, and you should be able to playback the videos without needing to plug to a computer.
You need one that has a big LCD display.

You also want your travel camera to record in the best resolution current-technology has, without breaking the bank.

And should you decide to go swimming, it has to be able to dive or snorkel along with you and shouldn’t give you headaches.
Yes, your phone has a nice-enough camera and it may be waterproof but you wouldn’t risk your whole saved-contacts list sinking to the bottom of the sea when you hit the beaches. No, you don’t want that.

So what models would be best for travel?

Go for the latest and best models SJCAM has to offer. The SJ8 Series.


Your travel buddy

SJ8 PRO, SJ8 Plus, and SJ8 Air, have the most advanced features in the SJCAM family of cameras, set to be released in middle of May 2018, the series can rival the biggest brand, at less the price.
It sports a big 2.33-inch IPS touchscreen for quick menu controls, a dual-microphone for the best sound recording with ultra-high definition high-framerate super-crisp 4K 60fps video.

With the waterproof case on, it can take dust, sand, and even get submerged up to 30 meters (around 100 feet!) underwater. Over land, you can pair it to an SJCAM Remote and not worry about needing to be near the camera to take that awesome shot. You can even control it remotely via the SJCAM Zone app, which makes everything convenient.

So yes, travel in style, and capture your little adventures knowing you got the best camera for your money. No, don’t just take pictures and video. Take the most astounding and absolutely beautiful ones.
You deserve it.

Order your SJCAM SJ8 today, check out the complete details here: SJ8 SERIES Webpage.