How to edit action camera videos easily

How to edit action camera videos easily

Editing an interesting action video can never be an easy task. You may have tons of raw recordings, but are lacking of the methods to make them appreciable and attractive to an audience. Unfortunately, the editing technique can’t be bought in camera shops. Well, I say, don’t worry about it. Once you grasp the key of it then you will love it. To do so, we are going to share some tips on how to edit action videos, making life easier.

  1. Choose an appropriate editing software

Sometimes the helpful tools we need just exist around us. Chances are that most computers are sold with a free video editing software included: Windows Movie Maker (PC), Imoive (Mac) and so on. It’s also common to find free and paid software online, as proven by many professional websites. Personally, I will share two kinds of software that I use most.

Windows Movie Maker (Free) 

Here is a simple to use and intuitive movie maker on Windows. It is a basic editing tool that can provide outstanding results for edited videos. Now you will be able to capture impressive videos and they can be easily shared on social media platform like YouTube and Vimeo etc. We recommend it as the most useful basic editing tool that assists users in sharing content over different platforms with ease. One of the drawbacks of Windows Movie Maker is that action camera footage can’t be directly imported into the program, you have to firstly convert the video footage into the formats supported by Movie Maker, like: ASF, AVI, DVR-MS, M1V, MP2, MP2V, MPE, MPEG, MPG, MPV2, WM, WMV, etc.

Note: Even though Windows Movie Maker is not supported on Windows 10 you will still be able to download and use it.

iMovie (Mac) 

Free or $15 – iMovie is a fun piece of video editing software. It’s very beginner-friendly, and even pros use it to throw movies together quickly and easily. It’s not designed specially as GoPro software, but it works extremely well. The workflow and layout is very similar to higher end editors, so it’s a good gateway, so to speak. If you can get the hang of iMovie, then you’re well on your way to top notch home movies.

How to edit action camera videos easily


The new app for Wifi-powered SJCAM cameras is a whole new experience to the action camera market. Remote controlling your SJCAM to record some great shots, use the built-in post production tools, and share to the SJCAM world thanks to the built in social sharing platform. Everything is free of charge for all SJCAM users, available on App Store and Google Play store!

How to edit action camera videos easily

  1. Cutting frames

Creating and photographing a stunt needs impact: Cliff jumping, Parkour or surfing. Now listen carefully, there goes a magic trick to spice things up a bit. To find the most exciting moments and delete a few couples of frames right before the moment. Then to speed up the moment. It takes probably 2 or 3 frames cut. In this way, it adds more power and shock to the video, making it appears more violent than it originally is.

How to edit action camera videos easily

  1.  Digital snap zoom

To emphasize something in a static camera shot and to use your editing software to quickly zoom into the frame to point something out to the audience. This technique can be used on a shot of a computer screen, a gun or a face. If utilized at the last possible moment, you can easily blow up an image by 200% and not worry about the resolution. By digitally zooming in you can create additional impetus to drive the edit to the next shot by introducing a sense of urgency at the pivotal moment.

Often times on set, the take will end with a close up or a static frame during a dramatic moment. This technique allows you to utilize that moment…then builds onto it and propel directly into the next shot. Stylistically, this is a bold visual decision but when used within a frenetic and chaotic sequence it can really add some excitement when you need it.

How to edit action camera videos easily

Well, it seems that I’ve forgotten something important…Yes! I need a camera to get pictures. Oftentimes I am using SJCAM Zone. It’s a powerful app that can be connected with SJCAM, a type of nice and valuable action camera. I’ve been waiting the SJCAM SJ8 for a year, and it finally comes out. Apart from its unique high performance, this series of cameras can make out Ultra High Definition videos. With the feature of water-proof and image-stabilization, it is suitable to take pictures, shoot outsides and scuba-diving. The 30 meters waterproof shell allows it to photograph and shoot under water.

How to edit action camera videos easily

In addition, the new camera model now sports a 1200mAh high capacity battery, it can record 4K/60fps approximately 90 minutes. That’s a whopping 30% improvement compared to all previous SJCAM models, which means a new and longer experience. What’s more, the new SJ8 series has 8X digital zoom, which means we can get clean images even after 8X magnification, while generally 4X is the limitation.

How to edit action camera videos easily

Moreover, by using SJCAM app it allows you to control settings and functions, offering an all-in-one real time experience for previewing of the recordings and photos. Join the SJCAM Zone community, meet more friends, share your wonderful moments. Meet more friends and share your wonderful moments with an enthusiastic community.

How to edit action camera videos easily

SJCAM SJ8 series is the successor of SJ7 Star. It’s the first dual-screen action camera which supports 4K/60 FPS.  The front screen has 0.96″. It will be an OLED screen which will show the most basic information about the settings. The back screen will be a live-view touch screen, which will allow users to navigate through the settings and change different modes and options. The first dual-screen model which company produced was the SJ6 Legend. Another notable feature of the SJ8 is the external GPS support.


Furthermore, SJ8 will be powered by Ambarella H22 processor and have Sony IMX377 image sensor. The camera supports voice-control, live-streaming, slow motion, RAW image mode and has distortion correction. In summary, this new product SJ8 is really valuable for its lower price.

To make any kind of action camera video should be fun. So, to use the skills in this article, be creative and enjoy filming and editing the best sports movie in the world!