Sept 10: SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus,SJ5000 Wifi and SJ5000 Updated Firmware

      Below are download links for SJ5000 Series cameras: SJ5000+, SJ5000 wifi and SJ5000 Basic.  These firmware are for cameras that were sold recently. If you are not sure if you version is supported, please contact us at before flashing your unit.   SJCAM SJ5000 Series Firmware Downloads:  SJCAM SJ5000Plus Download Link:  sj5000 Plus Firmware (Released August 21, 2015)   SJCAM SJ5000WiFi Download Link:  SJAM SJ5000WiFi Firmware Upgrade Downlaod Link (Released August 11, 2015)   SJCAM SJ5000 (Basic) Download Link: SJ5000-Basic   黄色