SJ4000 Firmwares U20150624V02 only for product after June.2015

  Important: SJ4000 new firmware U20150624V02 only for product after June.2015     download link 1):    FW96650_JS4000不带WIFI新板和655共板_SJCAM_新UI_150624 download link 2) :   SJCAM SJ4000 Firmware download link 3)     Before July.2015 ( no update any more ) SJ4000 new firmware 20150409 download link 1):       FW96650_JS4000不带WIFI_SJCAM_LOGO_新UI_150409 download link 2):       SJCAM SJ4000 Firmware download link 3):  

Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Format the MicroSD Card, unzip the “143150548721.rar” file.
  2. Copy the firmware file(s) (.bin) onto the root of the MicroSD Card
  3. Connect the camera with charger, the camera will be upgraded automatically
  4. After the firmware update is completed be sure to delete the files or  you will be prompted to upgrade again