SJCAM 64gb 128gb Memory Card Compatibility List

Hello SJCAM Users,

Many SJCAM models now support 64gb and 128gb memory cards via our latest firmware released. SJCAM users have been compiling a list of compatible microSD cards. The list includes 16gb to 128gb memory cards and some users have confirmed the model numbers tested. This list is not definitive and certain models may or may not work with the listed cards. View Memory Card List

Please make sure that you purchase original cards from local retailers. Many memory card listings online are fake and do not have true class specs. We recommend using Class 10 cards. Many customers buy OEM brand cards and these often do not have fast enough card speeds.

Please review our forum list and feel free to add to this SJCAM Compatible Card list. The more input the better as this is one of SJCAM’s most Frequently Asked Questions. Remember that the cards need to be formatted using FAT32.

-SJCAM Support Team

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