SJCAM A10 Body Cam. Why you need one.

SJCAM A10 Body Cam. Why you need one.

SJCAM just finally came up with this all new wearable action camera that is more designed as a body cam. The SJCAM A10 (also known as the M40).

SJCAM logo with A10

Before we move in to why you need one, let’s explore some of the features first, shall we?

Here’s a quick rundown:
• Novatek 96658 chipset
• Sony IMX323 image sensor
• 140° FOV lens
• 12 Megapixel image resolution
• 1080p video resolution
• 2-inch Touchscreen
• USB Type-C connector
• 2650 mAh removable battery
• Dual microphone
• Switchable automatic Night-Mode
• Automatic Infra-Red illumination
• Visible Laser for frame-center positioning
• Motion-Detection
• IP65 waterproof
• SJCAM Remote-capable

Okay, so those are the main features. Many of them are there to support the idea that this is more for the purpose of security, than for action-sport related activities.

In today’s world where more and more people need to be protected from claims that may be fraudulent in nature, provide important proof of an event, or simply just to deter incidents that should never happen in the first place, we rely on CCTV cameras in our homes and in establishments. Yes, CCTVs are now part of our daily lives. And they’re there for many reasons than we are willing to admit.
Now what about those times when you are out in the field, working, and no CCTV cameras are available?

This is where wearable body-cams come in.

It is no longer strictly limited for use only by Security personnel, Fire Fighters, Emergency or Disaster Responders, Traffic and Police Officers.
It is also certainly not just for surveillance and other Law Enforcement entities, but for recording ourselves doing our daily normal citizen tasks, or for saving evidence for future use. It’s a personal portable CCTV camera.

Even companies that have personnel doing tasks that need monitoring, like in airlines’ ground crews, for example, could benefit from having wearable bodycams. Yea, you get the idea.

A10 Night Vision On

So, the question, do you need one?

My quick answer to that is an analogy:
Fire Extinguisher.
You pray that you will never need it, and yet — be thankful you have one functioning when you actually do.




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