SJCAM Firmware: SJ5000x v1.5.1 , M20 v1.3.1, SJ4000 & SJ5000 Series Updates


Hello SJCAM Users,

SJCAM action cameras have a new firmware update release. You will need to update to this firmware to be able to update via the SJCAM Zone during next firmware release.

Many of the changelogs only include this app update function. SJ5000x Elite & M20 have a few more items in the changelog:

1.Improves App upgrade security and can be future firmware releases can be upgraded via SJCAM Zone (must update to this version though first).

2. Fixes: 720p connecting to App issue.

3. Adds: Low Light Mode: When turned off, frames lock. When turned on in the dark, the frames change at night to make the video lighter.

4) Fixes: OSD conflict with icons.

5) Fixes: fixes after turning off camera, long press power button causes flashing LED.

6) Fixes: When in dashcam mode, when power is turned off, there is an extended 10 second period before power off. When in other modes, the camera will stay powered on when being unplugged from power bank.

SJ5000x v1.5.1 FW Link: SJ5000x V1.5.1

M20 v1.3.1 FW Link:  M20 v1.3.1

All updated firmware can be found on the SJCAM Firmware page.

For any questions, please open a support ticket at:
– SJCAM Team