SJCAM M10+ Plus User Manual available for download

We will post manuals for SJCAM series cameras on our blog until our new Official Site has been launched in September. For those of you not familiar with the M10+ Plus, here is a SJCAM M10+ Blog: Newly added SJCAM M10plus features include:

  • Gyro Anti-shake Stabilization function
  • Rotation mode
  • New NTK96660 Novatek CPU
  • Rotation Function
  • HDMI-out
  • 18 supported languages: M10+ 2K adds OSD support for: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish
  • 2K video resolution (2560x1440P) and 60FPS (1920x1080P) – M10+ 2K shoots ultra-clear videos.
  • Android & iOS Wireless mobile connection via Wi-Fi – preview / shoot videos & pictures remotely – Easy-to-Share
  • Real-time AV-out – connect your AV OUT cable to Monitor and watch real-time.

Download the M10+ Plus Part I video review here:  M10+ Plus Manual (will be uploaded shortly)   Check it out here: SJCAM M10+ 2k Product Page