SJCAM M10+ Plus v1.6 Firmware Upgrade


Hello SJCAM M10+ Users,


Version 1.6 has been released for the SJCAM M10+ Plus 2K Gyro action cam. If your camera is working fine then please do not flash your unit.

This version improves on Gyro (Same as v1.5). Remember to check out the instructions on how to flash as this version has a Loader file that needs to be installed first.


Firmware link: SJCAMM10_M10+_SJCAM_LOGO_151104_V1.6_不带U盘保护_1


Warning: Once the M10+ Plus  firmware has been updated to Version 1.5, DO NOT  flash lower firmware versions (for example, cannot flash v1.3, v1.4). This firmware is only for M10+ units with Versions v1.5 and below. If you revert back to a firmware version lower than v1.5 (like v1.3, v1.4), you will brick your unit and camera and it will have a black screen.


Please watch this video tutorial first:


For any other support questions, please checkout our support forum here