SJCAM’s ION Series Action Cameras To Be Introduced Soon

SJCAM has been known to produce high-quality cameras for the active, adventurous, and budget-conscious. Be it for the swimming pool, the beach, the mountains, the car, or just regular daily life, the company has a camera product for just about any activity that your wallet won’t be crying about. Many of their products have garnered good reviews and critical acclaim in the internet community. Hundreds of videos are posted everyday on popular online video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. There are those whose blogs are created entirely with SJCAM cameras, documenting their travels and their video/photo-worthy lives. Let’s just say that people really like their cameras so much, that the company is compelled to produce more models on top of an already dizzying array of SJ-prefixed visual recording devices. Not to mention having released 2 motorized stabilizers, the SJ Gimbal 1 and SJ Gimbal 2.


In comes the ION line of cameras. At first you will see the rather obvious: they all look like previous-generation of SJCAMs. Because they are.
So, why should this company, whose number of camera models they have released including their most successful SJ4000 is 24, do a separate line of action cameras? Well, there’s a twist here that one can’t just brush off as “just repackaged electronics.”


  The ION SeriesThe New ION Series Action Cameras


SJCAM has decided to put a certain new feature in this new line, specifically, the new image stabilization, that is not marketed in the SJ Series, among other bells and whistles still in the works (stay tuned here).
Beyond that, the ION series will only be available in shelves of physical stores, at prices comparatively lower than those of its sold-only-online counterparts. One can just go someplace and pick it up, get a memory card, and off you go!

This new and separate iteration will come in 3 flavors, namely; Krypton, Totem, and Carbon. Which will have native 4K 30fps, and 2 models with interpolated 4K 30fps resolutions respectively. Large responsive touchscreens at the back will surely be a welcome sight to anyone getting any of these beautifully built machines.

It will hit the stores by early 2019, so keep your eyes peeled. You may contact your favorite stores to get them to stock up on the new ION line.

Your new favorite budget-gadget is coming soon.