SJCAM SJ4000+ 2K & M10 Plus 2K Prices slashed to $139

SJCAM is offering a special Autumn limited time promotion our SJCAM SJ4000+ 2K and SJCAM M10 Plus 2K Cameras.  The Manufacturer’s Recommended price is $149.99. has slashed the price for cameras to $139 with free Worldwide shipping. What is the difference between the M10+ and Sj4000+ 2k?    The main difference is the camera and screen size.  The M10+ has a more compact cube shape with dimensions 43.1×  and a weight of 64 grams. The SJ4000+ has larger rectangular dimensions of 29.8×59.2×41 mm and weighs 58 grams.  The main selling point of both of these action cameras is that the both have 2K video record & Gyro Anti-Shake functions. Both Models have these similar features:

    • Gyro Anti-shake Stabilization sensor
    • Rotation mode
    • Burst Mode – Take rapid shots of target within seconds
    • New NTK96660 Novatek CPU
    • Rotation Function
    • HDMI-out
    • 18 supported languages: M10+ 2K adds OSD support for: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish
    • 2K video resolution (2560x1440P) and 60FPS (1920x1080P) – M10+ 2K shoots ultra-clear videos.
    • Android & iOS Wireless mobile connection via Wi-Fi – preview / shoot videos & pictures remotely – Easy-to-Share
    • Real-time AV-out – connect your AV OUT cable to Monitor and watch real-time.
    • 1.5″ LCD Screen

Check out full product specs for the M10+ and SJ4000+ 2K here: SJCAM M10+ Plus   SJCAM SJ4000+ 2K   Check out review videos for the M10+ and SJ4000+ 2K below