SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K Edition Gyro Action Camera Official Description Updated

  Hello SJCAM SJ4000+ 2K fans and Resellers!   As a part of SJCAM’s new drive to better support SJCAM resellers and end-users, SJCAM has began re-writing product descriptions on the SJCAM Official Website, The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K Edition was released in July. SJCAM never made an official announcement nor did we provide a full product description which highlighted newly added SJ4000+ 2K features.   “What does 2K mean?” One may ask.  Basically, the SJCAM SJ4000 Plus 2k edition is one of only two SJCAM’s (M10+ 2k also supports) to support two features:   1) 2K Hi-Res 2560*1440 pixel Record @ 30fps means an enhanced video recording experience while in the Air, on ground, or in the water.  The SJ4000+ 2K edition also support 1080p HD record @ 60fps. Check our description below for full Video and Image resolutions. 2) Gyro Anti-Shake – This stabilization function will allow you to take action videos with more stable viewing ease. (Note: The firmware that we will release later today (Sept. 7) will make vast improvements on this function. If you already own a SJ4000+ 2K edition and need this function, we will insert the Firmware download link into this blog once we have it.)   “What other “new” functions does that SJ4000+ Plus include?”  The SJ4000+ Plus has many hidden functions and others that will soon be released with soon to be released firmware updates 3)  Rotation Function – ( Supported in Sept. 7 firmware update) 4) HDMI-Out 5) Real-Time AV Out 6) Burst-Shot mode – To be released in upcoming firmware release 7)18 Supported Languages – SJ4000+ Plus adds support for Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch and Turkish Other soon to be supported features are: Smile detection, Slow Motion record, and we will confirm which brands of 64gb and 128gb Memory cards the SJ4000+ support.  If you own a SJ4000+ 2K and can confirm this for us, please email me at with this info.  I am guessing it will support Transcend 128gb memory cards). There will also be other additions available via Firmware upgrade so stay tuned!   Check out the SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K Product link: -> SJ4000+ 2K   Below is a copy and pasted version of the official SJCAM SJ4000+ 2k Description.  We will be uploading a new official picture set shortly so check back with our blog daily. If you are reseller, please update your listings with a similar version and update your titles to read something like, “SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K” with Gyro in title. Any SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K product feature or SJ4000+ description suggestions can be emailed directly to:   Thanks!   – Team __________________________________________________________  


  SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K Description: The SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus Action is the first SJCAM Action Camera to support 2K Video record and to support Gyro Anti-Shake stabilization function. The other model that supports both functions is the M10+ Plus. The SJCAM SJ4000+ 2K Hot-Spots are:

  • Gyro-Anti-shake Stabilization mode
  • Rotation Function
  • Newest Novatek NTK96660 Chipset
  • HDMI-out
  • 18 supported languages: SJ4000+ 2K adds OSD support for: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish
  • 2K video resolution (2560x1440P) and 60FPS (1920x1080P) – SJ4000+ 2K shoots ultra-clear videos.
  • Android & iOS Wireless mobile connection via Wi-Fi – preview / shoot videos & pictures remotely – Easy-to-Share
  • Real-time AV-out – connect your AV OUT cable to Monitor and watch real-time.

  SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K Main Features: ● 1.5 inch High Resolution LCD capturing HQ 1080P FHD video ● 170 degree A+ grade HD wide angle ● Multiple video recording formats: 2K (2560 x 1440) @ 30FPS 1080P (1920 x 1080) @ 60FPS 1080P (1920 x 1080) @ 30FPS 720P (1280 x 720) @ 120FPS ● Multiple photo shooting modes: Single Shot Burst-Shot Mode: 3 photos per second (will be supported with firmware update) Timer: 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 60s Continuous: 2 seconds, 5 seconds to 10 seconds ● Sports design: Stylish and matches your gear ● Ultra compact and lightweight design, only 63g (without waterproof case) ● IP68 waterproof up to 30 meters for capturing water action (need waterproof case) ● Video recording while charging ● Support clear HDMI output ● Support Micro SD Card Class 6 or Above up to 32GB (not included) – *Selected 64gb & 128gb Memory cards supported ● Detachable battery, easy to replace and charge ● Package includes waterproof case, helmet mount, bike mount and more ● Perfect for: Outdoor Sports, Extreme Sports, Water Sports, Home Security, Diving, etc ● 8 colors available: Black, White, Silver, Gold, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow   SJCAM SJ4000 Plus 2K Specifications:

Image Sensor 12 Mega Pixel CMOS-Sensor
Colour 8 colors: Black/White/Silver/Yellow/Blue/Pink/Gold /Red
LCD 1.5″ LCD panel
Image resolution 12 Mega Pixels (4032*3024)/10 Mega Pixels(3648*2736)
8 Mega Pixels((3264*2448)/5 Mega Pixels(2592*1944)
3 MP(2048*1536)/ 2MHD(1920*1080)/ VGA(640*480)/ 1.3M(1280*960)
Video resolution 2K(2560*1440)30FPS
1080P(1920*1080) 60FPS
Default resolution Video:1080P / Picture:4032*3024
Image/Video file format Video format: MP4 / Image format:JPG
Zoom x4 digital zoom
Lens 170° HD wide-angle fish-eye lens, non-deformable
Memory Slot for Micro SD card up to 32 GB
OSD language English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplied Chinese/Japanese/Traditional Chinese/ Russian/Korean/ Czech
Connections USB 2.0 , HDMI
Battery life 80 minutes(1080P)
Battery Battery Detachable 900mAh
Dimensions 29.8×59.2×41 mm
Weight 44g(without batteries),58g with batteries
Accessories waterproof case, waterproof case bracket, waterproof case clip,bike bracket
,multifunction clip, camera clip, helmet seat, bandages
cleaning cloth, power adapter, 3M stickers, USB cable,bracket adapter,manual etc.
Applications Extreme Sports, Outdoor Sport Activities,Bicycle,Car DVR, Diving,Home security etc

    SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus 2K Package Contents 1 x Original SJ4000+ 2K Action Cam; 1 x Waterproof Housing; 1 x Quick Release Buckle 1 x Housing Backdoor with Holes; 1 x Handlebar Seat post Pole Mount 1 x Curved Adhesive Mount; 1 x Flat Adhesive Mount; 1 x 3-Way Pivot Arm Mount 2 x 3M Adhesive Tape; 1 x Frame Mount; 1 x Quick Release Clip for The Frame 1 x Vertical Quick Release J-Hook Buckle; 1 x Universal 1/4″ Camera Tripod Mount 1 x Tripod Mount Adapter; 1 x Bandage Set; 1 x Cleaning Cloth; 1 x USB Cable 1 x 900mAh Li-ion Battery; 1 x Multi-language Manual 2 x SJCAM Sticker     SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 08 SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 01 SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 02 SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 03 SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 04 SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 05 SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 06 SJCAM-SJ4000+ Plus 2K Gyro Action Camera - 07