SJCAM SJ4000+ Plus v2.7 & M10+ v1.7 Firmware + Changelog


Hello SJCAM SJ4000+ and M10+ Users,

Today SJCAM is releasing a major upgrade for SJCAM M10+ Plus and SJ4000+ fans.

This is part of our commitment to fully supporting our models well after they have been released.

This latest v2.7 firwmare for SJ4000+ and v1.7 for M10+ Plus adds a lot of functionality and fixes some of the

previous issues.

Please read the m10+ blog:

SJCAM M10+ Plus v1.7 Firmware + Tutorial + Changelog

Please read the SJ4000+ blog:

SJCAM SJ4000+ v2.7 Firmware + Tutorial + Changelog


Please make sure to find support or write a review in our SJCAM Forums.  Or, open a support ticket here.

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