SJCAM SJ4000+ v2.6 & M10+ v1.6 Firmware Tutorial + Loader + Firmware – Must Read!

Hello SJCAM Users,

We recently updated our firmware section. SJCAM SJ4000+ v2.6 and M10+ v1.6 files did not have the required “Loader” File or Tutorial in English.

Please download the firmware packages and make sure to read the enclosed tutorials before upgrading firmware.

M10+ V1.6: SJCAM-M10-Plus_V1.6-Firmware

SJ4000+ 2.6: SJCAM-SJ4000-Plus_V2.6-Firmware

If you are still have issues with your firmware, post to the SJCAM forum or open a ticket on the SJCAM Help Desk.


– SJCAM Team

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