SJCAM SJ4000+ v2.7 Firmware + Tutorial + Changelog

Dear SJ4000+ Users,

Today SJCAM is releasing a major upgrade for SJ4000+ Plus action cams.

This is part of SJCAM’s commitment to fully supporting our models well after they have been released.

This latest v2.7 firwmare for SJ4000+ plus adds a lot of functionality and fixes some of the previous firmware version issues.

v2.7 Official Changelog
– Fixes when low illumination and changing modes, the LCD will flicker.
– Improves on White Balance
– Improves on color – adds color options and values
– Fixes after closing the Time-stamp, shooting 720p @120FPS & VGA 240FPS unit will crash
– Fixes after turning GYRO On, changing modes the LCD screen shakes
– Fixes when shooting 720p@120FPS Gyro is not functional; Please note: VGA 240FPS will not
support Gyro
– Adds Volume adjustment menu for video
– Adds Photo quality menu options
– Adds Sharpness menu options
– Adds Color options
– Adds FOV options
– Adds Underwater op
– Adds file format option: Record in .MOV or MP4
– Adds optional SJCAM logo option
– Improves menu items order

This is probably our largest firmware update between any two SJCAM versions to date. Before downloading the firmware, please make sure to read the “Must Read” tutorial also included in the .Zip file.

Note: if you are upgrading from a version 2.4 or lower, you will need to also install the loader file. For example, you cannot just upgrade from v2.3 to v2.7 without also installing the loader file.
SJ4000+ v2.7 Youtube Tutorial

SJ4000+ V2.7 Package Download: SJCAM_SJ4000+_151227_V2.7

Please make sure to find support or write a review in our SJCAM Forums.  Or, open a support ticket here.

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