SJCAM SJ5000+ Plus “2K” FOV v2.8.4 Updated Download Mirrors

Hello SJ5000+ v2.x Users, several days ago we released the new v2.8.4 firmware for 1.5″ and
1.54″ older SJ5000 plus units. We have updated the download mirror as some people were not
able to open via deposit files. If you had an issue (white screen) when trying to upgrade, please try
this blind update recovery method to revive your unit.

SJ5000+ v2.8.4 Changelog:
1) Adds 2K Video Record
2) Improves image quality
3. Adds Adjustable FOV function. When the FOV is turned OFF,
Digital Zoom function can be enabled
4. Adds Quick shot function
5. Adds selfie function by adding 2 second timing
Note: This firmware only supports V2.X SJ5000+ cameras, It is not for newer V3.x camera

Download Mirror: SJ5000+ v2.8.4 1.5″ (only for older 1.5″ v2.8.4 units): LINK
Download Mirror: SJ5000+ v2.8.4 1.54″ (only for older 1.54″ v2.8.4 units): LINK

If you are on SJ5000+ v3.3.5 and are waiting for upgraded v3.3.6 firmware please hold tight
as we are waiting on Ambarella to implement adjustments.  When you own an SJCAM you receive life-
time support. Thanks for your support and patience. Subscribe to our blog as we will beblogging at least several times a week. Also, sign up for our newsletter as we will be sending them out soon as well.

Feel free to ask questions on the SJCAM forums or open a support ticket here.


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