SJCAM SJ5000x Elite v1.4.7 Firmware Changelog

SJ5000x Elite Owners,

SJCAM Will be releasing a new v1.4.7 firmware for the SJ5000x Elite action camera. This release has been highly anticipated. It adds quite a few new functions.

SJ5000x Elite V1.4.7 Changelog:

SJ5000X V1.4.7

1. Updates charging icon
2. adds 16:9 Photo Capture
3. Adds 1440×1080 4:3 Record
4. Adds Super View mode 30fps
5. Adds Delayed Capture, Long Exposure , self time
6. Modifies the exposure time (real time, such as the choice of 5 seconds exposure time is accurate to 5 seconds, the original 10 seconds to complete)
7. Boot time to adjust increased – Press 3 seconds to boot (to prevent accidental touch)

Stay tuned this this blog as we will be releasing this firmware soon.

– SJCAM Team