SJCAM SJ6 Legend, SJ5000x, M20 RAW v1.1.1 Converter Tool Released!

Great News Guys!

The Official SJCAM RAW converter for SJ6 Legend, SJ5000x Elite and M20 is finally here!

In addition to adding support for the SJ6 Legend, v1.1.1 converter tool adds:

  • Added support for SJ6 LEGEND including FOV crop resolutions and lens/camera Adobe profile
  • Slightly improved SJ5000x and M20 white balance
  • Added option in GUI to generate thumbnails in DNG/TIFF (improved compatibility with some editors e.g. darktable at the expense of more conversion time and larger disk footprint)


More functionality will be added to this converter tool so please stay tuned to the SJCAM blog.



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