SJCAM SJ6 Legend v1.4 Firmware & Changelog

SJCAM SJ6 Legend v1.4 firmware upgrade solves many issues and adds more functionality. Some additional functionality includes PWM mode for shooting aerial drone footage. There is also adjustment for tehh Gyro. Full SJ6 v1.4 changelog below.

SJCAM SJ6 Legend v1.4 Changelog:

1. Solve the photo resolution and APP mismatch problem

1. Add long press the power button to boot
2. Long press OK button to fill point, long press longer
3. Optimize TP touch sensitivity
4. Optimize the effect of touch-edge sliding
5. Increase the night vision brightness
6. modify the link APP, enter the album playback, the camera button will lead to crashes
7. Modify the machine to select the interval to take pictures, small screen display is the continuous shooting icon
1. After modifying the link APP, setting the IWIFI name through the phone is unsuccessful
************************************************** ********************************

1. modified open RAW, the continuous shooting 10, the camera crashes
2. After RAW is opened, the interface icon is displayed
3. Solution in the camera interface, enter the menu, use the TP click “X” to exit the menu, the probability of the first flash of small print, and then exit the menu problem
4. Solve boot default mode Select the last use of mode, boot and can not enter the previous shutdown mode before
5.WDR can not save the problem
6. Camera mode to increase the menu WDR control
7. Adjust the effect of the night IQ yellow, adjust the brightness of daytime video
8 to solve the menu interface, some icons in the middle of variegated and bright spots.

1. Adjust the fish-eye correction parameters, so that correction is better
2. Increase the main interface WDR and fish-eye correction status display
3. Increase the metering mode menu
4. Add the Lamp Setup Menu
5. Adjust IQ

1. Add a small screen saver function, large screen in front of the screen saver, the small screen also enter the screensaver, big screen, the small screen is bright

1. Add flight control PWM control camera video
2. Add gyro sensitivity options

************************************************** ********************************

1. Use the button to select the resolution bar and the button is not synchronized, the sliding screen is no problem

1. modify the wifi open SSID and screen display does not meet
2. Link APP default crash problem

To upgrade your firmware, please connect your SJ6 to the SJCAM Zone app and accept the upgrade prompt.


– SJCAM Team