SJCAM SJ7 V1.13 Firmware Upgrade – Massive Must-Have Update

Great news for SJCAM SJ7 Star fans!  V1.13 firmware upgrade is finally here! This firmware adds quite a new features and smooths out some of the early SJ7 firmware issues.

SJ7 v1.13 Changelog:

SJCAM V1.13 Changelog:SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.13_20170405_1901

1) Fixes App Upgrade Prompts
2) Fixes 2160P 4:3 Time lapse Video stops indexing files issue
3) Adds 960p@60fps resolution
4) Adds new menu level, Press Ok down longer to go into new level menu
SJCAM V1.12 Changelog:SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.12_20170401_1124

1) Fixed Translations
2) Changed firmware version naming method

SJCAM V1.11 Changelog:SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.11A_20170329_1628

1) Removed FOV until it can be properly added
2) Removed bugs after Slow Motion is enabled
3) App optimization

SJCAM V1.11 Changelog:SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.11A_20170321_1741

1) Fixed the conflict between FOV and EIS
2) Fixed the bug involving Slow Motion and Video Lapse
3) Optimized App settings

SJCAM V1.10 Changelog:SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.10A_20170321_1741

1) Updated the FOV angles
2) Fixed languages translations
3) When enter TV mode, unit will not enter into power save mode (Screen keeps on)

SJCAM V1.09 Changelog:SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.09A_20170316_2013

1) Added Slow Motion Video
2) Fixed a bug with the secondary menu

SJCAM V1.08 Changelog:SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.08_20170316_1626

1.Included FOV
2.Modified SV icon
3.Updated translations
4.Fixed some UI and picture bugs

SJ7 V1.13 firmware download link: SJ7 Star v1.13
If you have any questions or unable to upgrade your firmware, please open a ticket at the SJCAM Helpdesk.

We have many new upgrades coming for the SJ7 Star so stay tuned to the SJCAM Blog!