SJCAM Slow-Mo Contest!

And it is contest time once again at SJCAM, ladies and gents!

Our challenge for you this time is to come up with your most awesome slow-mo video.
Slow Motion. Y’know, that realm where everything is somewhat trapped in a different time and moving crazily slow? Whip out your SJCAM and upload your videos on YouTube with the title: My Awesome SJCAM Slow Mo Of (your video’s subject). Example: “My Awesome SJCAM Slow Mo Of A Water Balloon Fight”

So what are the prizes in store for winners?
FIRST PRIZE         1 SJ7 Star  + 1 SJCAM Tshirt
SECOND PRIZE   1 SJ6 Legend Air + 1 SJCAM Tshirt
THIRD PRIZE       1 $50 gift card  + 1 SJCAM Tshirt
Get your thoughts running and plan out something that is truly unique and jaw-dropping.

Plus points for difficulty level. So, yes, make it spectacular!
It can be anywhere, shot at any angle you like, with any SJCAM model you like.

If you’re going to be really creative, we’re going to be generous… there will be many other prizes to be given away to those who capture our attention with their work.

So crank up your framerates people, time is about to slow down real fast!