Slow Mo. Ready, Get Set, Go!

Slow Motion Using Your SJCAM can be so much fun!

You guys have seen plenty of scenes like these in the movies, and they’re just utterly fantastic.

Believe it or not, there are 5 SJCAM models that can natively shoot in higher-than-regular framerates (frames per second) that can do slowmo without needing a video-editing software.
Recording in 60fps will give you average results, since that is already twice as fast as the screen refresh rate common in video (24 to 30fps) but let me tell you this, the fun begins at 120fps.
The higher the framerate, the smoother the video will look onscreen.

But of course, don’t expect to capture a bee slowly flapping its wings in mid flight, you will need a special dedicated high-speed camera for that kind of stuff. So what can you capture with 60, 120 and 240fps? Well, there’s plenty! There’s a ton of ideas for just about anywhere and anytime you can think of: water splashing in the sink, a person doing a cannonball into a swimming pool, waves crashing on rocks, lightning bolt in a storm, your friend’s startled reaction to a prank, a cat jumping off a table, chunks of snow flying through the air as someone kicks it up, a matchstick catching fire as it is struck on the friction strip, a dog catching a Frisbee, your wife’s long hair bouncing as she runs, among many other things. I can go on all day, and still won’t be able to cover a fourth of the vast possibilities! Do a quick google search and start from there.

Major tip: Let your creativity run wild and free, be original, be unique, and fire up your favorite video editor. Heck, yes, who says you can’t cheat? You can use an app on your mobile device and let it do the slow motion for you, including transitioning from standard pace to almost “bullet-time.”
Do everything that can make your video show things in a different way than we’re used to.

Slow motion that is faked using software can help make your video look smoother by guessing the missing action frames and adding more time in the event. Don’t let the camera’s limitation stop you from shooting things you want. Another benefit of shooting in slow motion is that all your videos will look more stable than it actually is, even if the camera is just hand-held. Remember, time is slowed down, so your footages will not look jumpy.

Here are 10 key pointers for doing your slowmo video:
1. Plan it out. Rather than waiting for things to happen, you make it happen.
2. Be patient. Sometimes you will have to do a lot of retakes.
3. Bring an extra battery. Heck, bring two. For those retakes, and when you’re recording while waiting for that magic moment to happen.
4. Get the biggest possible memory card. You will need lots of space for the many retakes.
5. Shoot in the highest possible resolution. There are some trade-offs here, but use the resolution that can give you the results that you can be happy with.
6. Shoot everything you can. Sometimes the before and after of an action can have lots of awesome content.
7. Edit your video. For many reasons, like for one: no one wants to wait too long for the actual focus of the action to begin.
8.. Shoot other angles of the same action. It makes the story-telling more vivid.
9. Don’t be afraid to experiment. This is probably the best advice anyone can give you, can be used for anything. Just keep it safe for everyone involved.
10. Have fun! Do I even have to explain this?

So get out there, have the best fun of your life slowing things down on camera, and show it off. The world can never have enough slow-mo.