Street Photography: An Entirely Different Genre.

Street photography is an entirely different genre, in that it is essentially an art form in story-telling through candidly-taken images. Unlike the notion that it is only limited to the streets, it can be carried out just about anywhere, with almost no limits as to what needs to be the main focus of the whole photo. It has that characteristic look that it is unstaged, spontaneous, and an up-close look at the action of daily life. What sets it apart is that, nothing is directed or choreographed, there are no studio lights and no assistants.

The subject can be anything, too. It can be about people walking or crossing the street, pets on windows, street vendors, cityscape, murals, buildings, people walking in the rain, kids playing in water fountains, festivities, and so many more; the possibilities are endless.

Street photography is a wonderful thing to do using your camera. It’s a great opportunity to learn from and advance your knowledge in photography concepts, framing, use of ambient lighting, and appreciation of the art that is the environment around you. Just keep shooting, taking pictures as you walk. There will be plenty of photo-worthy things as you go, just shoot, shoot, and shoot. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time. Experiment. By the time you finish going down the road, you have plenty of photos to choose from for later. And perhaps you have learned which settings to use the next time you do it again.

Let’s make it more exciting for you.
We are posting this article as it marks the beginning of a monthly contest, where we will choose 1 photo published on either Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #sjcamstreetlife, and give the image owner a small prize, plus his work will be proudly shown on our official website’s SJCAM Streetlife Wall of Fame page, and official social media channels, credited to the winner of course.

You may post as many pictures as you like, just be sure that we will see what you want us to see, otherwise that supposed winning photo of yours may be lost in a sea of your own hashtagged images. Obviously, the photo must be originally yours for it to be valid. Winners will be announced on the last week of each month.
If your photo was not chosen, chances are, if it really is that good, we might notice it and give you a special award. A person may only win once per year, to give way for others to shine.

Let’s start this off with an easy black and white theme.
So make sure your image posts for the whole month of September are either captured in black and white, or edited to be black and white, and don’t forget the hashtags #sjcamstreetlife #sjcamblackandwhite, otherwise we won’t be able find them.

Some notes when doing street photography:

  1. Be safe. Do not put yourself or others in danger for the sake of taking a picture. Best to have somebody next to you as much as possible.
  2. Take as many pictures as you can. We’re no longer using film, you can always delete everything else after you’ve chosen what you want to keep.
  3. Be obvious. It’s not a spy game, you’re not a spy. It might be easier and less obtrusive if you look like a tourist taking a lot of pictures.
  4. Respect other people’s privacy. If someone asks you to delete your picture of them, do it. There’s plenty more opportunity to take pictures elsewhere.
  5. No photographing places where it is prohibited. Banks, police stations, or maybe restrooms. Definitely no taking pictures in restrooms.
  6. Know the law. Check your local laws about taking photos of strangers in public.
  7. Be mindful of your belongings. Don’t put down your things while taking a shot, and don’t come home forgetting that you went to the venue in your car.
  8. Have fun. What’s the point of doing photography if you’re not having fun?

So get your SJCAMs out, good luck, be safe, and have fun!



(Featured image shown above is by Toqi  Yasir and is the #SJCAM88streetlife contest winner during the SJCAM DAY 8.8 events)