The SJ6 LEGEND is just awesome!

You know you want a new action camera.
Something new, something awesome, something you can do awesome things with and show the whole world what awesome things you can do.

Even if that whole world means just your best friend, or your family, or your dog.
Even if those awesome things include just you doing a cannonball in the pool, or playing fetch with your dog.

It can’t be just any action camera. It has to be an awesome action camera.
It has to be so awesome that you’re afraid it might break the bank because you want all the high-tech bells and whistles that only those super-expensive cameras offer. Things like, Ultra-High Resolution Recording, Dual Displays, Super Wide Angle Lens, and of course, a Touchscreen. Because, hey, it’s 2016.

Well, we have THAT awesome camera for you. It has all those and offers even more than what are mentioned above.

We’re talking about SJCAM‘s new action camera, The SJ6 LEGEND.


Yes, we know.
You want one.
And no, it won’t put a dent on your bank account.
Because it doesn’t have to.
We just want to see you do crazy awesome things. Explore more, like, say, experience filming yourself and narrating at the same time how awesome the scenery is during your sunny early morning bike ride to the countryside (and see how much you’ve recorded just by looking at the front display). Or perhaps, record your first travel video blog that you’ve been dreaming of doing but thought only the popular YouTubers can do (the SJ6 Legend can accommodate an external microphone for awesome pro-level live-sound quality).
And who knows? Maybe it’s your time to shine.

So yes, you want an SJ6.
Because you are awesome.
Because Legends are awesome.

Head over to our shop now and find out more about the SJ6 Legend. Click HERE.