The SJCAM M20 is now in stock and available for immediate shipping!

We are pleased to announce that our newest and greatest camera to date, SJCAM M20 has been fully released and is now in stock for immediate shipping. Order now directly from the manufacturer at and enjoy free worldwide shipping and 1-year global warranty.

SJCAM M20 is SJCAM’s flag model of the year. Featuring the best hardware the company has used in any of its cameras, the M20 has an amazing form factor making it the smallest camera in the series, 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the previous models. Powered with SJ-Remote Control, Novatek 96660 chipset, 16MP Sony IMX206 sensor, up to 4K video recording, high bitrate setup, low-light performance, new detachable battery, and redesigned waterproof case, it will shake the entire action cam industry. And the best of all, it comes with waterproof case and 14 accessories!

You may also consider ordering the new Remote Controller for your SJCAM M20, either in the watch form, or as a selfie stick!

Buy SJCAM M20 now:

SJCAM M20 Action Camera

SJCAM Smart RF Remote Controller + Self-stick for M20 cameras

SJ Smart Remote – RF Wrist Remote Controller Watch for M20 cameras, WeatherProof