SJCAM Video & Picture contest coming!

    Hello All,   The new website will be re-launching in around 2 weeks.   We will have several contests for videos and photos captured using SJCAM brand action cameras.   The selection process will be via voting and transparent.   Our Photo contest will be for a free SJCAM unit of your choice. Many people will probably choose the SJ5000x or SJ5000+.   The Video contest winner will be able to choose between cash or SJCAM camera(s). Please prepare your SJCAM videos.  If you need SJCAM to provide you with clothing such as shirts or patches, please  let us know and we will provide you with SJCAM branded clothes or reimburse you.   The winner’s video will be uploaded to the Official SJCAM Channel If you currently have videos / photos taken using SJCAM cameras or have a video featuring SJCAM, then please send your submission to [email protected] and we will upload your video for you. The new site should launch within a week or so.   Thanks,   SJCAM Team          



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