What Is the Difference Between the SJCAM C200 Pro and the C200?

Action cameras have changed how we save our memories. Regarding action cameras, two contenders stand head and shoulders above the other devices. They are the SJCAM C200 Pro action camera and C200 action camera models. 

C200 Pro mini action camera

C200 Pro

The image quality of these cameras is just amazing. SJCAM brand is famous for its innovative technology. Further, if we look at the advanced features of the C200 action camera and the C200 Pro action cameras, both devices create appealing images. 

C200 action camera


If you want to buy any of these two cameras, first look at their features. Both are different, and their uses also vary depending on the occasion or the environment. Simply put, before buying a camera, learn about its information.

Design and Build Quality

The body design of the two cameras is almost the same. So, if you want to capture footage, both are good and have different merits. The body design of SJCAM C200 Pro contains a modern touch that is also smooth and compact. Moreover, the camera screen makes it look futuristic and user-friendly.

On the other hand, the C200 action camera’s design is more robust and rugged. This camera is ideal for durability and harsh environments. Mostly, people use the C200 camera in challenging environments.

The best distinction between the two cameras is the build material you can’t ignore. The C200 Pro body is made from premium quality materials. If you touch it, you’ll feel the camera is made of durable plastics and metal components that dissipate heat. 

The C200 action camera, on the other hand, is made from solid materials. You can use this camera in outdoor activities and tough weather. Additionally, you may use different coatings to better grip the camera to enjoy clicks and recordings. 

Image and Video Quality

As time has changed, you can’t compare old and traditional cameras with the latest models today. Back in the 90s, cameras were not advanced, cassettes were used for recording, and reels had a limited memory for snapping. Technological innovations have made modern cameras the best in all scenarios.

4K 30FPS

So, let’s talk about image sensors first. The image sensor is extremely important in any camera. It is what converts an optical image into electronic signals. When comparing the SJCAM C200 Pro and C200 cameras, you can easily understand that they have a difference in visual excellence. 

C200 Pro has a higher-end image sensor and a resolution of 20MP. Using this camera, you’ll notice more vibrant and sharp images coming straight from this device.

In contrast, a C200 action camera lets you notice good image quality and resolution. Thus, it is slightly inferior to the C200 Pro.

Next is the recording capability that makes a massive difference. Because of the difference in generation and build, the C200 Pro camera offers 4K video recording at 30fps. The images become life-like. You’ll see clear details and clarity in the footage when you look at it.

In contrast, C200 has a resolution of 1080p. This quality is also attractive for users since it is clear, and you can easily share it with others. Both cameras have merits and demerits depending on the type of use through these recording capabilities.

Features and Functionality

The features of a camera make it completely different from another camera. Similarly, the SJCAM C200 Pro and C200 have different features you can use in different settings. 

But let’s first talk about what these features may be. First, we have the shooting mode. The shooting modes include image and video, time-lapse, burst, and slow-motion modes. These modes are usually available in most cameras nowadays. 

Except for these features, there are adjustable settings like light exposure and colour settings. By changing these settings, you may enjoy terrific and life-like images.

The difference between the C200 Pro and C200 action camera features and functionalities is far apart. The C200 Pro is famous among people because of its voice, face recognition, and night vision, which makes it extremely comfortable in various environments. 

Conversely, C200 offers a more straightforward and smooth recording experience. Camera lovers consider this device because of its user-friendliness and ease of use. 

Furthermore, we all know that a camera’s battery and storage affect a buyer’s and user’s mentality. Of course, a camera with short usage time is worthless when you are eager to create adventure videos. When comparing the battery life of the two cameras, the C200 Pro may have a better battery than the C200 camera. 

But there is a slight problem with the C200 regarding recording: it consumes more battery. On the contrary, the C200 Pro camera is suitable for extended shooting sessions, whereas the C200 offers longer recording time. 

As for the storage option, both cameras typically use microSD card slots. So, you may easily change the camera’s storage capacity anytime as per your ease.

Connectivity and Accessories

People expect an action camera to have a connectivity option. Their small size and excellent video quality make them a popular choice. Both the C200 Pro and C200 have excellent connectivity options. These options allow people to share the recordings and images of the camera easily. 

Moreover, people can remotely control the cameras from a distance. When travelling or performing an activity, changing the camera setting manually is annoying. This is why people highly seek connectivity when buying an action camera.

Different from connectivity, another important aspect of these cameras is the accessories. People can find various accessories alongside these cameras to generate smooth footage in the modern age. If you have the right accessories, you can take these cameras underwater or in harsh environments. 

Accessories like mount and grip ensure that your camera remains alongside you even if you move at a high speed. However, using the right accessory can help capture an image or recording that attracts others.

Price and Value

Prices of C200 Pro and C200 are different simply because of the features and capabilities of the cameras. The C200 Pro is more expensive than the C200 action camera because it offers higher-end specifications and advanced features. Budget-conservative people often buy the C200 action camera.

Many factors also affect the prices of the cameras. These factors may include the region where the cameras are being sold. Other factors can be the promotional offers available during the time of purchase.


Finally, it would help if you determined your need for the SJCAM C200 Pro or a C200 action camera. Both cameras have different uses and specifications. So, you must consider the budget before buying these advanced fast-recording optical lenses. If you learn to differentiate the devices, you can choose the best according to your needs.