SJ4000 Air budget action camera

SJ4000 Air

The ultimate budget action camera


4K ultra-clear resolution shooting, the details are visible. While ensuring high-definition picture quality, it is smooth and does not freeze, restoring every shocking moment.

2.0” Display Screen

The 2.0″ screen, clear display, and bonding tech improve picture quality to look more realistic and complete. You can play it back anytime and anywhere, and you get what you see.

2.0" Touch Screen kamera

30 Meters Waterproof with a Case

The waterproof case has undergone thousands of airtight safety tests to ensure stability. You don’t need to worry about shooting on rainy days. Let you enjoy surfing and other water sports.

SJ4000 Air waterproof action cam, Durability and Waterproofing


Capture the trajectory of time flow, presenting incredible visual impact and artistic effects.

170° Wide Angle

170° wide-angle, wider shooting field of view.

170° Wide Angle, Wide-angle lenses with a larger FOV

4x Digital Zoom

Tap the screen to zoom in and out, making shooting more casual.

4X digital zoom

Car Mode

The sensitive touch screen makes it easy for you to operate like a cellphone. The key point is that you can browse videos and photos in real-time.

Car Mode
SJ4000 air webcam


Easily cope with online education, learning, conferences and other scenarios.

App Control

Connect the camera to the APP through Wifi, and control the camera in real-time to complete the shooting. The operation is simple and does not need to consume the SIM data of the mobile phone. You can share photos and videos with people worldwide on personal communication platforms. This allows you to showcase your beauty and happiness.

App control

Various accessories,

installed anywhere

The camera can be placed anywhere with different accessories, and it has multiple shooting modes to capture special moments.

various action camera accessories