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Jaws Flex Joint Clamp Mount

Jaws Flex Joint Clamp Mount

Conquer the world of versatile filming with the SJCAM Jaws Flex Joint Clamp Mount for action camera. This adaptable accessory is designed for action enthusiasts who crave flexibility and creative control over their shots. With its sturdy clamp and flexible joints, it transforms your action camera into the ultimate capturing tool, allowing you to secure it to various surfaces and achieve dynamic angles.

360° Suction Cup Mount

360° Suction Cup Mount

Unleash the full potential of your action camera with the SJCAM 360° Suction Cup Mount. Engineered for versatility and stability, this mount provides a secure and flexible solution for capturing dynamic footage from any smooth surface. Whether you’re driving, filming extreme sports, or creating immersive time-lapse videos, this mount transforms your action camera into a cinematic tool with a complete range of motion.


· Dual 1.3″ touch screens(front and back)
· 4K/30fps, 2K/60fps,1080P/120fps videos and 20MP photos
· 6-axis gyro stabilization
· 154° ultra wide FOV with distortion correction
· 8x digital zoom
· Vertical videos, livestream, etc.
· Comes with two detachable batteries(1000mAh and 2800mAh) for up to 8hrs duration

C300 pocket

Camera External Battery

Power up your adventures and capture more epic moments with the external batteries for SJCAM action cameras. For action enthusiasts who demand extended filming sessions, these spare batteries are the most important accessories to put in the backpack.

A20 body camera
A20 body camera


· 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps, 1080P/60fps videos and up to 16MP photos
· Dual LED lights brightness
· 3-axis gyro stabilization
· 2.33″ front screen touch control
· IP65 against dust and water jets
· Motion detection, slow videos, vertical screen, quick recording, loop recording, pre-recording, time-lapse, car mode, etc.