SJ8 Pro

Cost-effective action camera

best camera for sports

To Explore the Wonderful World

Every Brilliant Moment, Captured With The Most Advanced SJCAM yet.



Ultra wide angle

Ultra wide angle





Lossless Compression

USB Type-C

USB Type-C

1200mAh Battery

1200mAh Battery

2.33"Touch Screen

2.33″ Touch Screen



Improved 8X Digital Zoom

8X Digital Zoom

30M Water Resistance

30M Water Resistance

Remote Control

Remote Control

4K / 6OFPS

With its 4K high definition and high frame rate, the SJ8 Pro records every moment and presents it in HD quality. It is an excellent action camera for recording fast-paced sports and outdoor activities.


It enhances the clarity of your photos by up to 2x, and zooming in is no problem.

providing you with sharp and detailed photos
the SJ8 PRO can capture images with vivid colors and excellent contrast
170° FOV ultra-wide-angle

170°FOV Ultra-wide-angle

The SJ8 Pro features a wide-angle lens that adjusts to 170°, providing users with a large field of view. It also has 8x digital zoom for added versatility. Whether shooting from a distance or capturing details up close, you can adjust the focus with a simple operation.

2.33″ Touch Screen

The SJ8 Pro features a large 2.33-inch touchscreen, providing a more intuitive and more straightforward user interface. You can view and edit your photos and videos easily. The delay-free touch response ensures that you won’t miss any critical moments. You can effortlessly maneuver the camera, quickly adjust settings, and capture the moment.

2.33" large touch screen

Explore the Underwater World

The camera with a waterproof case supports underwater shooting up to 30m deep. This makes it ideal for recording underwater adventures, swimming, and other water-based activities. The SJ8 Pro camera is waterproof and users can use it in rain, snow, and dust.

30m waterproof with case

The picture is stable and free from blur

The upgraded six Axis Gyroscope optical stabilizer dramatically improves image stability. Even when recording while running, you can get stable and precise video. Mountain biking and steep slope skiing are no longer challenges.

six Axis Gyroscope, image stabilization
2.4/5G Dual WiFi action camera

2.4/5G Dual WiFi

SJ8 Pro supports both 5G and 2.4G wifi transmission frequencies.

The 5GHz transmission rate can reach 30Mbps.

App control, support remote control

Equipped with a wristband watch remote control, it can remotely control the action camera. The four buttons respectively control recording, shooting, wifi, and camera switch. When you can’t control the camera button or mobile app, the watch button can help you record and take photos.

App control, support remote control


Capture Wonderful Moments

Time-lapse photography lets you capture stunning dynamic footage, condensing hours or days into just a few seconds. SJ8 Pro is ideal for making impressive time-lapse videos, whether you’re a pro filmmaker or an amateur.

Time-lapse photography
Slow motion action camera

Slow motion

Relive Wonderful Moments

The SJ8 Pro camera records outdoor activities, sports, and adventures in high-definition slow motion for capturing great moments. With the ability to capture up to t240 frames per second, you can relive every moment in great detail.

1200mAh High-Capacity Battery

The new camera has a strong battery that can record good videos for around 90 minutes. That’s a whopping 30% improvement compared to all previous SJCAM models.

1200mAh high-capacity battery
USB Type-C and external microphone

Type-C, external microphone

SJ8 Pro Action Camera utilizes reversible USB Type-C connector, which brings great convenience for users. Faster transfer rate of up to 40Mb/s, much faster than all previous models. It can also charge other peripherals.

Various Accessories

Multiple Ways to Play

You can use it with various accessories, such as bike mounts, selfie sticks, buoyancy bars, and head straps. You can play however you want.

Buy action camera accessories now.

Various Accessories


Standard Recording

4K 60/50/30/25/24FPS
4K UItra 30/24FPS
2.7K 60/50/30/25/24FPS
1440P 60/50/30/25/24FPS
1080P 120/60/50/30/25/24FPS
1080P UItra 60/30FPS
720 240FPS

Photo Resolution

12MP, 10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP

Video Mode

Normal mode
Slow video
Car mode
Loop video

Photo Mode

Single shooting
Interval shooting
Continuous shooting


6-axis gyroscope

Digital Zoom

8 times


170º with distortion correction

Exposure Compensation

‘+-2.0 ~ +-0.3

White Balance

Fluorescent/Underwater mode

Video Format


Video Encoding


Photo Format


Integrated Microphone

x 2

External Microphone

Sold Separately

Integrated Speaker

x 1

Rear Screen

2.33″ touch control

Front Screen







Sold Separately

USB Port


Battery Capacity






Battery Life

70 mins for recording at 4K/60fps


62.5 x 41 x 28.8mm




30m waterproof with case