Unboxing the SJCAM C200 Pro: Unleashing Excitement in Every Shot

As daily vlogging becomes increasingly popular, everyone is willing to record their life through video. Although the imaging aspect of mobile phones is powerful enough, it still has certain limitations for outdoor sports with large movements. Therefore, my friends who like mountain climbing, cycling, running, skateboarding, and other extreme sports often choose professional action cameras to record beautiful moments.

People like me who want to experience action cameras but don’t have much of a budget need an entry-level and cost-effective action camera, such as this SJCAM C200 Pro action camera. Let me share with you my experience in using it.

Packaging for the C200 Pro

Unboxing Surprises:

I can’t believe that the C200 Pro comes with an extremely wide range of accessories; in addition to the main body of the camera, there is also a professional waterproof case, USB charging cable, bezel, 3M adhesive stickers, support base, helmet base and wipes a wide range of accessories to meet the needs of different scenes.

A wide range of accessories

Appearance Design:

As a sports camera, the C200 Pro must be characterized by being “small and portable.” On the front of the main body is a 20-megapixel Sony camera, with function keys below, in pure black color and a simple and elegant design;

The back is a 1.3-inch high-definition touch color screen, which allows intuitive and clear control and recording of wonderful moments;

a 1.3-inch high-definition touch color screen

There are two sides: one is designed with a hidden Type-C interface and TF card slot, and the other is an operation button.

With a size of 68×34×26.5mm and a slender and compact rectangular body design, it is convenient to record sports moments!

compact rectangular body design

Hardware Features:

Compact body but packed with power, this C200 Pro hardware has a 20-megapixel Sony sensor, which can achieve 4K 30-frame high-definition recording. It also has built-in 5.0/2.4GHz dual-mode WiFi, so the camera can be connected to the mobile APP at any time to facilitate post-processing;

In addition, it supports 5 meters of waterproofing, and with a waterproof shell, it reaches an IP68 level of 30 meters of depth waterproofing, allowing for underwater shooting.

5 meters of waterproofing

With the support of hardware, C200 Pro brings a rich functional experience. It supports HDR and 4K30 frame recording. The display screen is exquisite, and the screen has more details; the ultra-wide angle also incorporates fisheye correction, and the screen display effect is better; it also uses six-axis gyroscope anti-shake technology, intelligent face recognition technology, software intelligent algorithms, etc., and the functions and gameplay are strong enough Enough!

Photography Experience:

The role of an action camera is to record beautiful moments, and all images presented are crucial. The C200 Pro shoots clear pictures and true colors when there is sufficient light during the day. Because there is no algorithm support, the degree of restoration of the real environment is very high.

Photography experience

This action camera can easily handle even dark and complicated nights. The shortcoming is “poor highlight suppression.”

It is worth mentioning that the C200 Pro has a built-in continuous shooting mode, which can take several photos in a short period and capture extremely fast sports moments. It is indeed designed for sports.

Video Recording Experience:

VLOG bloggers often use selfies to record their lives. I also equipped them with a selfie stick. After Bluetooth connection, it can realize the portable operation of connecting to WIFI, recording videos, taking pictures, and shutting down the phone with one button. If used with a hanging neck stand, first-person video recording VLOG, popular on the Internet, can also be easily realized. It can also be hung on a bicycle or helmet, and combined with the loop recording function, it can be turned into a driving recorder.

it can be turned into a driving recorder

Action cameras are inevitably inseparable from the anti-shake function. With the technical support of the six-axis gyroscope anti-shake, the anti-shake effect of the C200 Pro is indeed good, greatly improving video stability.

The comparison between anti-shake turned on, and anti-shake turned off is as follows:

Another function that significantly improves the experience is “fisheye correction.” When this function is turned on, the distortion is corrected, and the picture effect is closer to the normal human visual effect. The comparison effect is as follows:

Regarding software experience, connecting to the mobile app is easy, and both preliminary and post-export settings can be operated on the mobile phone. The APP also shows various functions such as video pre-recording, time-lapse shooting, slow-speed recording, etc. I also briefly experienced it!


Although the price is only US$189, the overall functional experience of this C200 Pro far exceeds that of a US$500 action camera. The 20-megapixel high-definition camera on the hardware supports 4K 30-frame recording and has slow motion, time-lapse shooting, deformity correction, and six-axis anti-shake functions. Ultra-portable design, many ways to play, suitable price, very cost-effective, suitable for more entry-level players to get started!