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In the dynamic world of action cameras, SJCAM has made a bold move by unveiling its innovative SJ20 action camera. Equipped with a dual-lens setup and advanced night vision capabilities, this new entrant is well-positioned to challenge the supremacy of the GoPro series.

The SJCAM C300 Action Camera is a versatile and reliable choice for capturing your adventures. With its waterproof and durable construction, it can withstand even the most extreme conditions. The high-quality image and video resolution ensure that you capture every detail in stunning clarity.

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The SJ4000 WIFI is a worth-buying action camera. It is waterproof (to 30 feet) which makes a great pick for water adventures such as surfing, snorkeling and rafting or even free diving. The SJ4000 WIFI has also amazing features same like other expensive action camera.

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The SJCAM C200 is a nice GoPro alternative. The design is durable. Video quality is also good, and the stabilization and sensors onboard mean that your action footage will come out looking amazing.

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This is the new SJCAM C300 4K Action Camera and it comes with some decent features while also packing some entry-level stabilization to add to your experience.

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The amazing 4K footage at this price is a big plus, as is the excellent touchscreen display and seamless navigation. A lot of cameras fail to deliver in this area, but the SJ8 Pro exceeds expectations.

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The SJCAM SJ8 Pro action camera has a superb mix of price and features. It comes at a low price but still has 4K recording with electronic stabilization, and 12 MP images with 8x zoom.

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Out of the packaging and housing and the camera instantly seems impressive, it feels good and has an excellent weight and build quality.

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SJ10 Pro action camera on helmet
SJ10 Pro

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SJ20 dual lens caver

SJCAM SJ20 Dual Lens Action Camera Review & Test!


C300 4K Dual Screen action camera

Smaller GoPro DJI Osmo Action 3 | SJCAM C300 4K Action Camera 2023


a test of the C300 action camera

SJCam 4k Video C300 Dual Touch Screen Action Camera!

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