SJCAM Action Camera Underwater Shooting Tips: Experience a Wonderful Underwater Journey

Are you ready to embark on an underwater journey on a hot summer day?

Swimming? Or snorkeling? It would always help to carry an SJCAM sports camera regardless of the underwater sport. Today, we’ll tell you why you should choose SJCAM action cameras and what you should do when using them underwater!

underwater camera for snorkeling

What Kind of Images Can SJCAM Action Cameras Capture?

What kind of video footage can a sports camera take underwater? This is a question many of us are concerned about:

  • Shooting video of being in the same frame as a school of fish
  • Record your own experience of diving with a first point of view
  • Record the beautiful world of the ocean
  • Record the waves of the screen
the beautiful world of the ocean

You can share these beautiful photos and videos with your friends on social media.

How Deep Can the SJCAM Action Camera Dive?

How Deep Can the SJCAM Action Camera Dive?

SJCAM action cameras come with a waterproof feature, and the exact diving depth depends on the SJCAM sports camera model:

SJCAM sports camera procucts

SJ11, SJ10 pro dual screen, and C200 action cameras are waterproof up to 5 meters. If you want to dive deeper, you need additional waterproof housing. The C200 and SJ10 pro dual screens are waterproof to a depth of 40 meters. The SJ11 and C300 are waterproof to a depth of 30 meters.

SJ11 Active waterproof action camera

When Do I Need Waterproof Housing for My SJCAM Action Camera?

If you want to experience a dive that exceeds a depth of 5 meters, you’ll want an additional waterproof case. With a waterproof case, you can shoot freely underwater without any stress.

waterproof case

Which Accessories Are Used Underwater?

Selfie Stick

selfie stick

Selfie stick, needless to say, the absolute magic weapon, show a rod is also very handsome! Holding the selfie stick with one hand, the other can interact with the fish in the water and shoot more unexpected video images.



The wrist strap can be fixed on the arm, with 360 ° free rotation to adjust the angle. At any time, you can touch the camera, fully control the camera shooting angle, shooting more exciting first-view diving images!

SJCAM Action Camera Underwater Shooting Skills

SJCAM action camera SJ11, SJ10 pro-dual-screen, C300, etc., are dual-screen; you can use the front lens to facilitate the preview composition and shoot more images than you want.

SJCAM sports camera has a wide-angle lens, like SJ10 pro dual screen can shoot up to 170° wide angle. sj11 and C300, C200 can reach 154° wide angle. With the help of a water surface light source, you can take beautiful underwater photos.

You can also shoot from a bottom-up angle. At the same time, the help of natural light from the water’s surface makes the photos more layered. The sea and the sky are half of each other, and the picture is immaculate.