SJCAM C300 Action Camera Play New Experience

For sports enthusiasts who like to ride or swim, cell phones and DSLR cameras are not the best tools to use because cameras are too bulky and cell phones are not waterproof. In contrast, action cameras are vlog recording tools specifically tailored for sports enthusiasts.

It so happens that I just received an action camera, C300, from SJCAM, which can shoot 4K videos and has a wealth of accessories for more ways to play. Next, briefly share the experience of using it.

C300 package

Thoughtful Packaging

Open the package, is still very surprised. In addition to the C300 host and the renewal handle, there are a variety of accessories. For example, waterproof bracket, flat bottom bracket, and helmet base, but also a thoughtful preparation of the mirror cloth and lanyard, really too thoughtful. Of course, the power cord and manual are also standard.

a variety of accessories

Shooting Experience

As a professional sports camera, SJCAM C300 has a camera that supports up to 4K high resolution, equipped with a 1.3-inch color touch screen and a physical power button at the bottom.

In actual use, the 1.3-inch screen can only be said to be enough to watch videos or pictures taken. It is recommended to view them on the mobile app. The large screen is more comfortable to use. The C300 host comes with a 1000mAh battery. The battery capacity of the renewal handle is larger, 2800mAh.

1.3-inch screen

The two batteries can be used together to basically meet the normal use of 1 day. Moreover, the C300 supports charging and shooting at the same time. Directly connecting the charging treasure is also possible.

It must be said that the expandability of the C300 sports camera is very strong, and the use of it is very simple, and it can be used directly after powering on the camera. If you need to adjust the corresponding configuration, you can do it through the screen of the body, and you can also make various settings through the mobile app.

By default, the SJCAM C300 sports camera can take photos with a resolution of 5888*3312, and the ultra-wide angle also comes with a fisheye effect. If you shoot video, you can shoot 4K/30fps video, and it also supports loop recording. If you turn on the car mode, it can be transformed into a car recorder.

When shooting video, the body’s built-in six-Axis Gyroscope anti-shake, in running or cycling scenarios, can also shoot stable images, which needs to be praised.

shoot stable images

With the help of various accessories that come with it, the C300 can be mounted on a bike, placed in a car, hung around the neck, or clipped to clothes to record life’s exciting moments.

Together with the random waterproof case, the C300 can take pictures of the beauty of underwater 30 meters deep, and it can also be used on rainy days, which is very friendly for sports enthusiasts.

Next, the battery life, using a 1000mAh battery for shooting, can be used for about 3 hours. If you use the battery life grip, you can use it for more than 5 hours. In other words, there is no pressure to use the two batteries in combination for one day.


From one week’s experience, the SJCAM C300 action camera is great for both taking photos and recording videos, and the battery life is also very powerful. Richer accessories can be derived from a variety of ways to play, which can meet all the needs of sports enthusiasts to record life.