Why Is the World’s First Dual-Lens Action Camera SJ20 Worth Waiting For?

Are you conscious about your lens performance and looking for ways to improve your day and night shooting experience using one gadget? Let’s grab the newly launched SJ20 dual-lens action camera in your hands and take your entire shooting event to a new level. SJCAM has launched a sensational dual-lens action camera that eases your night shooting, and no other camera offers this service in the market right now. 

The design and build quality are just stupendous regarding the appearance of this dual-lens camera. However, the researchers have done extensive market research before assembling this top-notch device, considering the night shooting challenges people face during adventures. Indeed, it is one of the finest products that has provided excellent support to the photographers of the present time.

Dual-Lens Action Camera SJ20

Features of SJ20 Dual-Lens Camera

If you are serious about gathering golden memories, you have to make it happen using a superb dual-lens camera to conquer the day and rule the night. Let’s look at some of the features of the fantastic gadget.

Dual Lenses

If you are struggling to produce the best day and night images and need to know which action camera to use, you must try the SJ20 dual lenses that offer great features of dual lenses with optimum image quality. With this, you may enjoy adorable shooting throughout the day and capture the fun with 4k, 2.5k, and high-resolution images up to 20MP. The credit goes to the dual lenses!

Best Night Vision

Night vision is the missing factor many users don’t enjoy these days due to the poor build quality of cameras. Therefore, sports cameras come with the best night vision, but nothing can beat SJCAM’s first dual-lens camera that captures quality footage due to the presence of infrared technology that works great during the night.

Dual Screens

The dual-screen is the most exciting feature of this action camera that facilitates users. It has an impressive 1.3-inch LCD front screen that delivers lasting results. On the other side, it also offers a primary touch screen of 2.29 inches simultaneously.

Dual-Lens Action Camera SJ20

8-Hour Duration

Battery time is the concern of every user these days, as long battery times can provide you peace of mind, and you won’t look for instant charging. Thankfully, this dual-lens action camera helps you record the fun for up to 8 hours and more. The battery is built-in to keep you away from stress. You can even use an external battery to speed up your photography session.

Gyro Stabilization

This dual-lens action camera uses gyro data for motion compensation. No doubt, gyro-stabilized cameras are perfect for correcting movements with the help of sensors, and you get a chance to capture images with stabilization. It’s an exciting feature that improves the rating of this gadget.


If you are a good diver and love enjoying under the deep water, you need to use this dual-lens camera to add fun to your shooting. It’s a waterproof gadget that won’t disappoint you while capturing incredible images of coral reefs and sea life. It can go deeper, up to 130ft in the water, producing terrific results.

What Are the Advantages of SJ20?

If you are a professional camera user and want to make the best use of your gadget, we’ve got you covered with some mind-blowing advantages of SJ20. Indeed, this camera is the most innovative option to live your shooting dream, and it’s getting popular day by day. 

Furthermore, the recent launch of this dual-lens sports camera has changed the market trend, even this smart device captures the interest of potential buyers. Let’s talk about some advantages of SJ20!

Better Low-Light Performance

Night shooting is the actual point that makes this dual-lens camera the best in this world. Many photographers are concerned about the night results, so this intelligent gadget can deliver stunning results in low light. However, it reduces darkness and improves sharpness with advanced image clarity. If you compare the results with other lenses, you probably won’t see such classic night shooting results. This dual lens has got something special for you!

Enhanced Image Quality

Image quality is the leading advantage of this newly launched SJ20 dual-lens camera. It captures high-resolution images and shoots the 4k and 1080p videos with ease. The reason for the best quality image is the dual lens that helps to create sharp and excellent photos. You always feel satisfied and enjoy the best clicking in all scenarios.

Smoother Results With No Fear of Shaking

Results always matter for a user, and thankfully, this dual-lens action camera is the best for smoother results with no fear of shaking. It’s a great feature that an adventurer would like to see in their camera, and SJ20 always makes it happen. 

If a new user is unfamiliar with the usage, you must open the stabilization mode to eliminate shaking. Ultimately, the credit goes to the gyro stabilization feature. So, enjoy smooth results using this top-notch advantage of this dual-lens sports camera.

SJ20 Handy Accessories

The most exciting part of this dual-lens sports camera is the handy accessories that make a complete package. Interestingly, the SJ20 is the only device that overcomes the night shooting challenges and brings the best accessories. Some of the best accessories include fully compatible fast chargers, secured connection via 2.4/5Ghz WiFi, and SJ20 dual lens with SJCAM mounts & grips.

Upcoming Expectations

SJCAM’s latest dual-lens camera is a fantastic development of the 21st century, especially in night mode capturing. It has surprised adventure lovers and works excellently with compelling, sharpening views during the night. If you are looking for an innovative and exceptional gadget for night capturing, this SJ20 dual lens can deliver smooth and flawless clicks and smooth shoots. 

Above all, the device has set the tone for users, and expectations are high regarding SJ20 purchasing. Considering the needs and requirements, the manufacturers can add more valuable features to boost sales in the coming time.


Conclusively, this dual-lens action pack is just sensational regarding day and night shooting modes. Importantly, it has set high expectations of users, and today, this dual lens is one of the most popular and highly rated gadgets that create lasting memories during the night. Place your order now!