What Is the Difference Between Smartphone Cameras and Action Cameras?

Smartphone cameras are in great action nowadays, as these have replaced traditional cameras to a great extent. Do you think the replacement is permanent? There is no way to compare an action camera with a smartphone camera, as both have different classes and uses. However, sports cameras are more valuable and handy, but people often use smartphones for photography, as they offer magnificent results, and their quality has improved a lot in recent years. 

What Is a Smartphone Camera?

A smartphone camera is a built-in camera that works exactly like a typical camera. This mobile phone camera captures the images and records videos that improve the value of a mobile phone. Interestingly, you may easily share adorable images and footage with your friends and family using the wireless technology of mobile phones. It is one of the best features users don’t enjoy in sports cameras.

what is a smartphone camera

What Is an Action Camera?

An action camera is a digital sports cam that comes in a small size compared to traditional cameras. This camera is fabulous regarding results, as you can enjoy HD photos and videos using this lightweight and compact camera. 

what is an action camera

Notably, this cam aims to make sports adventures such as hiking, surfing, biking, snorkeling, and skydiving last. These are the activities a user can’t conduct efficiently using a mobile phone camera, and that’s the key feature of using this action lens.

Is An Action Camera Better Than a Phone Camera?

If you compare a digital camera with a mobile phone camera, you may find many differences and common points between both lenses. Sometimes, it is easier to find a better gadget, whereas some users prefer to use mobile phone cameras, and some are happy with sports cameras. It all depends on the choices people make when using a camera. Indeed, choices matter a lot. 

Generally speaking, no camera device can beat a DSLR regarding performance and efficiency. The result of a phone camera is just ordinary, but a DSLR result is extraordinary and produces exceptional photography. Above all, mobile cameras are unsuitable for capturing sports action, as these are not waterproof and don’t cover wide angles. Looking at these results, an action cam is always a better choice.

Can I Use My Phone as an Action Camera?

Every user has a different opinion about using a camera. Some users prefer mobile phone cameras over digital cameras, while some prefer sports cameras to avoid inconvenience. It all depends on the preferences, and both devices satisfy users to some extent. Additionally, there is no harm in using a mobile phone as an action camera, but there are some issues. 

  • A mobile phone camera doesn’t perform like an action camera.
  • A mobile phone cam has limited features.
  • A mobile phone cam produces average results compared to a digital cam.
  • A mobile phone camera isn’t waterproof.
  • A mobile phone camera is not lightweight.
  • A mobile phone camera lacks image stabilization technology.

The Difference Between Smartphone Camera and Action Cameras

The use of cameras has become a common thing, especially for capturing beautiful moments of life. Whether a social media influencer or an entertainer, you need a camera to capture the footage. For this, you may use a mobile phone or a sports camera. Let’s look at the significant differences between smartphone cameras & action cameras to find the winner!

the difference between smartphone camera and action cameras

Weight and Size

Weight and size are important factors that no one wants to compromise while capturing photos, and both play an essential role. Whether you choose a sports camera or a mobile phone camera, it is always the top choice of users. For tricky shots, lightweight cameras work tremendously and create exceptional results, whereas action cameras are the best to make such shots due to their compact size and weight. 

On the other hand, mobile phone cameras are not suitable for such clicks. These are not made for catching traveling shots due to their manufacturing. With regards to weight and size, the sports camera wins the competition.

Resolution and Results

The next important thing is to consider the resolution and results of a camera, and once again, the action lens wins the competition. Undoubtedly, action digital cameras come in higher resolutions and offer 4K results, whereas mobile phone cams don’t produce high-pixel shots.

Image stability

Image stability is the top feature that users always want in cameras. Thankfully, this feature is present in action lens devices, whereas mobile phones lack this stunning feature. Sports users always keep an action digital camera in their backpacks due to the anti-shaking facility delivering fascinating results. Once again, this intelligent gadget wins the race. 


Waterproofing is another feature that users always consider vital for water games. If you want to play inside the waves, you need a water-resistant camera. Can you capture marine life using your mobile phone? Of course, you can’t do it because the waterproof feature is absent from mobile phones. Thankfully, action cameras have this feature, and you can stay inside the water for a long time with great confidence. Again, the sports digital camera wins the competition.

Easy to Operate 

If you are a blogger and want to make the best use of your camera, you would want to have a gadget that is easy to operate. A photographer always wants to use a camera that is easy to hold, and undoubtedly, an action digital camera offers this advantage. Even beginners can use these mini cameras to catch endless action. Therefore, a sports camera wins the race here, as mobile phones are not easy to use.


Looking at the differences between both devices for hassle-free shooting, we found that most users prefer action cameras to drive fabulous results. Smartphone cameras have mind-blowing lenses, and they work great in their category. Still, action digital cameras are excellent when enjoying fun and thrilling adventures. So, we recommend using an action camera.