How Much Does a Body Camera Cost?

Body-worn cameras play a vital role in the present era, where crime rates have increased to a great extent. These cameras help provide evidence, and these useful small gadgets keep a complete transparency record when police officers prepare a report. They don’t skip anything and deliver the entire recording to stop crime. Fortunately, a body camera is the eye of the police and one of the best surveillance devices today.

Body-worn camera

What Are Body Cameras?

Body cameras are body-worn wearable cameras that capture the evidence scenes by law enforcement agencies. Of course, police is the department that uses body-worn cameras to keep a check on unlawful acts. Usually, police officers wear these cameras on helmets and attach them to the uniforms that remain hidden from the culprit’s eye. 

Police remain active 24/7, and in case they are not active, their wearable cameras provide visual records that include audio and video footage of crime scenes. Indeed, it improves transparency and the performance of police at the same time.

How Much Does a Body Camera Cost?

Cost has always been a prime concern of users, as these cameras remain in the hands of police officers, so they don’t bother with price. However, these cameras have different price ranges, depending on your budget. The price range starts from $150 to $500 and more.

How Much Does a Body Camera Cost

If you want to buy a top-notch body camera, you have to look at your budget first. Budget plays an essential role in buying a camera and even for any commodity. Hence, a user always wants a high-performing device for bright body wearable cameras at a reasonable price. You must research to grab the best capturing device if you are budget-oriented. You can have your camera below $150; this is the best time to avail of the Christmas offer.

Furthermore, a quality device with exceptional specs starts from over $200. You can use higher-budget, wearable body cameras if you don’t have budget issues.

Are Body Cameras Worth the Cost?

If you’re looking for the best cameras and have thoroughly checked the prices, you must consider the value and worth of a wearable body camera. You must ensure the camera meets the value and features you wish to have. 

If you compare the prices of different cameras, you look at the price and go through the specs to see whether they meet your requirements. A body-worn camera can meet your requirements if it offers these features at a reasonable price.

4K Results

The first and foremost thing is the high-quality results. If your body wearable camera offers 4K results, it is worth the cost. If you find this feature in your camera, buy it soon.

LED Light

LED light is another feature that improves the worth of a camera. If you find this classic feature reasonably priced, go for it and enjoy the high-definition LED lights.

Infrared Night Vision

Many police officers face challenges while recording night videos. Interestingly, if your wearable camera has infrared features, you must not delay the purchase. It meets the value of such cameras and lets you capture clear footage in low lights.

GPS tracking

There is no chance of skipping GPS tracking to meet the quality and worth. A police officer can’t buy a camera without a GPS track, so it has to be there not only to improve the value of the camera but also to fulfill the purpose of a body camera.

2.0″ Touch Screen

The touch screen is also a stunning feature that improves the worth of a body camera. It’s a feature that has to be present in all body cameras, and having this feature is always worth the cost.

Super Wide Angle

There is no chance of forgetting the super wide-angle feature in action and body cameras. If your body-worn camera offers a 135° super wide angle, then it meets the value, and make sure you buy such a gadget immediately, as this feature is worth the cost.

Lasting Battery

Battery time is another marvelous feature that plays a role in improving the worth of a camera. If your body wearable camera offers a lasting battery, you must purchase such a device as quickly as possible.


Waterproof is another benefit that makes a body camera the best, especially when discussing a body-worn camera. If you find this feature in a body camera reasonably priced, go for it confidently.

Are Body Cameras Expensive for Police?

Police are the department concerned whenever we talk about wearable body cameras. Therefore, the price and cost evaluation is of great importance for police. Generally speaking, these cameras are not expensive for police, as they can easily buy them from stores. Above all, law enforcement agencies often sponsor these cameras, so they won’t have to bother about the prices.

remoto control a50 sjcam body camera

Is It Legal for Civilians to Wear Body Cameras?

Body-worn cameras are specifically designed for police, but there is no harm if civilians use these cameras but with permission. A civilian has to seek permission from a third party before capturing the image or recording the video.

A50 body camera

What Is the Best Body Camera to Buy?

So many cameras are available in the market, but the SJCAM series is inspiring when recording clear footage and capturing adorable images. Here are some of the best SJCAM models:

SJCAM A50 Body Camera

SJCAM A50 is a terrific make when it comes to features and price. The model has a reasonable price and offers a lasting battery, LED light, 4K results, infrared night vision, 2.0″ touch screen, video encoding, and many more in a small pack. It’s a good recommendation for camera lovers to buy this gadget.

SJCAM A50 Body Camera

SJCAM A30 Body Camera

SJCAM A30 is another lasting body camera that brings terrific results to users. A30 offers a long-lasting 11-hour battery, LED light, 1080P results, infrared night vision, a 4.0″ touch screen, separate lenses, and unique app control features. We recommend this classic device to users.

SJCAM A30 Body Camera

SJCAM A20 Body Camera

SJCAM A20 is a perfect body camera with enormous features and is one of the best gadgets. This model offers LED brightness, a 2.33″ touch screen, remote control support, car mode, a 128 GB memory card, slow motion, and waterproofing features at a decent price. We highly recommend this to our buyers!



According to the above discussion, body cameras are the best cameras that police and law enforcement agencies use for controlling crime rates. These cameras capture the footage of crime scenes with evidence and play a massive part in punishing culprits. Regarding the best models and prices, we have discussed some of the best SJCAM models, and the SJCAM A20 Body Camera is the best pick among all models. Go for it and enjoy smooth and error-free footage with confidence.