Underwater Photography Tips: How To Use An Action Camera Underwater

Having a camera in today’s modern time isn’t a surprising thing. People love clicking adorable photos, and adults often take selfies to gather memories. Have you ever heard about underwater photography? It’s more than an adventure when you go into the depths of water and create lasting memories using an action camera. The credit goes to the latest technology that has introduced exceptional quality 3D and 4D cameras that produce stunning results underwater.

Action Camera Underwater

Importance of using a sports camera underwater

Using an underwater camera is important in 2023, as it keeps you engaged when you come across enthralling aquatic life with an advanced optical lens. Undoubtedly, sea life is blessed with beautiful creatures and scenes where you interact with turtles, starfish, sharks, whales, dolphins, coral reefs, and gorgeous ocean animals. 

You see sensational sea creatures and nature’s beauty that force you to engage in different sports activities. However, your sports activity isn’t complete without recording videos and clicking underwater snaps. 

Choosing a Waterproof Action Camera

If you are ready to enjoy underwater with your best mates, ensure you have a terrific sports camera in your bag pack. Of course, camera selection is the key element you can’t ignore. If you want to develop good memories, always emphasize purchasing a fabulous device that can deliver magnificent results underwater.

Here are some tips for choosing the best waterproof sports cameras!

Depth Rating 

One of the crucial factors is to measure the distance of an object underwater. If you enjoy deep ocean waves and want to capture cool images, you need an action lens with an exceptional depth rate. It must detect the object automatically under the deep ocean, and SJCAM C300 has a superb depth rating and identifies objects from great distances.


Image Quality

Image quality has always been the top priority of adventurers underwater. If you are ready to dive in the water and don’t have a camera that can bring you sensational clicks, then SJCAM C200 must be your top-notch choice. Get this magnificent underwater camera to enjoy breathtaking image quality with clear high Resolution. 

Image Quality

4K Resolution

Besides enjoying superb image quality, 4k Resolution can add fun to your adventure. Thankfully, SJCAM C200 and C300 offer amazing 4k Resolution to help you easily create HD videos. Never dive into the water if you don’t have a sports camera with at least 1080 HD resolution. It’s a must to have this result under the water. Never compromise on Resolution!


If you are a real sports-loving person planning to dive into the deep blue sea to create cool images, let’s not forget to buy a durable action camera. Durability is key to purchasing a device that can surprise you underwater with thrilling results. Interestingly, SJCAM C300 is durable when driving stunning underwater clicks. 

Image Stabilization

Despite the durability and good HD results, image stabilization is the top feature many users ignore while using underwater sports cameras. Of course, image stabilization helps you fix shaky photos and videos. Motion shooting isn’t easy, so using a proper action device can improve your image quality. For this, SJCAM C300 is a good option.

Beginner’s Guide to Using the Underwater Camera

If you want to develop lasting memories with your friends underwater, your latest sports camera can make it happen. No matter if you are new to this fascinating experience, you can seek our beginner’s guide to using the underwater camera below.

1. Preparing the Camera for Underwater Use

The first and foremost thing is to inspect your camera before you get under the water. It needs a proper checkup and must have waterproof features that provide peace of mind when staying in the water. The underwater camera case is an essential feature you can’t ignore. Make sure you open the case and clean it thoroughly to finish your preparation.

2. Adjusting Camera Settings for Underwater Conditions

If you have inspected your sports camera to make your water time memorable, you need to adjust camera settings, and that is the most crucial step to consider. Your camera case must look protective, and never keep it unlocked. In this step, you need to consider white balance adjustment to keep a check on colour distortion. 

White balance works great against the greenish effect under waves. Thus, red and magenta are the ideal colours that work as colour filters to enhance colour accuracy and visibility. Furthermore, you must lock the case and adjust settings to avoid clicking issues. Test the buttons before you dive!

3. Buoyancy Control and Stability

Buoyancy is a crucial factor you can’t ignore while diving. The more you seek control under the water, the more you shoot enchanting videos. Therefore, you need to learn the art of controlling the gadgets in the water to stabilize snapping. Floating devices can help you achieve terrific results. Be a master in buoyancy, as it’s a technique that can drive magnificent results.

4. Exploring Depth Limitations

If you are ready to snap some exceptional images, you must be familiar with exploring depth limitations. You may damage your gadget if you don’t understand the limitations and depth rating. You must adjust the camera settings to come across cool clicks and shoots.

5. Capturing Dynamic Underwater Shots

If you are a good photographer looking forward to planning a new adventure underwater, you must experiment with snapping from different angles and distances to get command over it. Sea life is full of exciting colours so you can discover beautiful scenes with your action camera. For this, you must learn the art of shooting from different perspectives. 

6. Post-Processing and Editing

Once you are in the middle of the ocean and enjoying marine life in the company of jellyfish, whales, turtles, and coral reefs, the job isn’t over. You need excellent command over editing to beautify your underwater footage experience. If you know how to add colours to your shoots and images, then you can grab the attention of others by displaying those cool clicks on social media.

Tips For Shooting Underwater

Shooting under the water isn’t easy, as it looks like a piece of cake for those who never experienced it. In reality, shooting underwater requires exceptional skills, and one must be a swimming expert to manage shooting. Let’s take a look at some tips!

Use the Best Action Camera

The first and foremost thing is to use a perfect sports camera with high resolution, shutter speed, and depth rating. 4K resolution is preferred that you can find in SJCAM C300 that delivers high-quality shoot underwater. Shuter speed also makes sense, as it improves brightness underwater, so keep checking it. Therefore, use the best camera to make your water experience lasting!

Know the Direction of the Sun

If you dive in the water, you need to know the sun’s direction before diving. The more you stay within the sunlight circle, the more you enjoy shooting underwater. 

Focus on Short Clips

Last but not least is to focus on the short clips. It will save you time and focus on snapping quality images. Try to shoot videos within 10 seconds to enhance quality.


Conclusively, we have found that using an underwater camera requires exceptional skills. Without perfection, there is no chance to shoot adorable clicks. For this, you must buy a camera with good Resolution, image quality, shutter speed, image stabilization, depth rating, etc. Moreover, your buoyancy mastery and using a perfect camera also matter. You can’t produce quality shots if you’re unaware of the tips. Looking at this, using a SJACM C300 would be a great choice.