What’s the Best Action Camera for Time Lapse?

Photography and action camera has taken the world by a bang with their creative ideas and techniques. People worldwide prefer an action camera over a normal one to capture impressive photos and recordings. With the rise of social media and action-packed films, using an action camera for time-lapse has become a daily occurrence. 

Thousands of people upload time-lapse videos on social media to showcase their creations daily. The demand for the fast-motion camera has increased to the point where every accessory shop in the market has a digital camera for sale. You even notice the use of a fast-motion camera when watching movies or ads on television.

The fast-motion ads are created to captivate the audience, and these ads are made using fast-motion cameras. So if you want to know more about fast-motion cameras, then sit back and read the article below.

action camera for time-lapse

What Is Time Lapse Recording?

Time-lapse is a photography technique in which an extended video is converted into a small one through regular intervals. When played at a higher speed, these intervals create an incredible effect where a long video becomes short. People use this technique to capture events that take a long time. 

Construction of a building, a plant’s growth, or a city’s daily traffic pattern. These are the instances that your fast-motion camera can easily understand. Each of these processes takes months or even years to grow or complete. 

In this situation, the fast-motion cameras allow people to speed up the process of the recordings for understanding. People can watch videos that take months or years to record in a few minutes or seconds.

Can Any Action Camera Do Time-Lapse?

Modern technology has developed to the point where most of the latest action cameras have a time-lapse feature. Because of its impressive footage creation, the fast-motion feature of the camera is popular among young people. 

If you are going to buy a time-lapse camera, make sure to check the camera’s specifications first. You can buy cameras with interval shooting or time-lapse shooting options. Different camera models offer different fast-motion settings in them. 

Furthermore, cameras with advanced technology offer better fast-motion recording than low-technology cameras. Make an extensive inquiry and read reviews online about the camera before purchasing. Ensure you get the specific camera to meet your needs within your budget.

Do you need an Action Camera for Time Lapse?

It depends on the choice of the user. People prefer fast-motion action cameras because they are easy to carry and use. If we talk about the size of an action camera alone, it’s a big plus that attracts camera lovers to buy it. Aside from action cameras, there are also DSLRs, smartphones, and specific fast-motion cameras that can capture similarly amazing images you would love to have in your memories.

Time Lapse Photography

The main key point of a fast-motion camera is the time interval feature. Fortunately, many modern devices having cameras usually have this feature in them. These devices allow users to select the interval shot according to their preference and automatically create a time-lapse video from the captured frames.

In any case, action cameras are the most popular choice, especially among travelers and adventurers. Whether it is an outdoor activity or indoor activity, people can easily handle small yet strong cameras rather than large cameras or smartphones. 

Since people can attach the small activity camera using different accessories, it becomes easy to carry the camera on different parts of the body.

How to Get Started with Time-Lapse Photography?

Following is the step-by-step guide that helps you get started to capture mesmerizing footage:

Camera Choice:

Decide on a time-lapse camera that you want to use for the photography. Ensure it is within your budget capacity, or you can use modern smartphones for time-lapse features.

Subject Selection:

Select a subject that you want to record. The object must be something that changes with time. Examples include trees, building projects, clouds, plants, sunset, or sunrise. Select a topic of your preference for photography.

Stable Mount:

Select a good stable mount so your footage may be smooth. In time-lapse videos, camera stability is an important factor. Better stability means greater visual video.

Interval Shooting:

Determine the time interval between each frame capture. The shorter the intervals are, the faster the motion will be.

Adjust Settings:

Adjust exposure settings manually so that environmental lighting changes do not affect your videos.

Battery and Storage:

Time-lapse photography is extremely long and fastens battery and storage. So if you want to create such photography, ensure sufficient storage and power source.

Begin Shooting:

Start the recording and let the camera capture the frames over the desired duration. Depending on the subject, your photography can take a few minutes, hours, or more.

After the shooting, you can use multiple software to compile the individual frames into a time-lapse video. Once completed, you can share your photography along with creativity and skills. If you are new to this shooting adventure, you must practice this process repeatedly. After all, practice makes a man perfect.

Best Cheap Action Camera for Time Lapse

SJCAM C100 Action Camera

The SJCAM C100 action camera is an excellent choice for time-lapse footage. With its high-quality image sensor and user-friendly features, you can easily create fast-motion images. For those with budget constraints, this camera is an excellent choice for capturing impressive images. 

SJCAM C200 Action Camera

The SJCAM C200 action camera is your perfect companion for capturing fast-motion footage within a friendly budget. It delivers 4K video capabilities that will blow away your mind. From action-packed scenes to time-lapse sequences, this camera has got you covered.

SJ4000 Air Action Camera

The SJ4000 Air action camera is an affordable gateway to unforgettable memories. This budget-friendly device offers excellent image quality and easy-to-use features, making the time-lapse footage look fantastic. No matter the use, the SJ4000 Air will be your trusty companion.


Finding the best action camera for time-lapse footage capture is easy. The market is filled with camera devices that provide fast-motion capabilities. Whether smartphones or action cameras, take the first step to create captivating time-lapse images. So grab your cameras and look at your surroundings and let your imagination run wild with your creative ideas.